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Don't forget to water your border collies

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:lol: That used to be Cressa she loved biting the water from the hose. You couldn’t spray her directly but she would bite at the water. 
Valek and Parker just takes one looks at the hose and goes “not today”. :lol: Neither are a big fan of getting wet.

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I am fortunate enough to have a self-watering dog.  Runa has claimed the once decorative pond as her private pool.


pond dog.png

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Wish I could do this. Unfortunately, in order to do this you need to have grass to do it on. If you live in the desert you have dirt instead.

I have been known, though, to take the dogs out onto the patio and hose them down a bit. First running the hose for a while watering something because in the summer the first water out of the hose is so hot it will literally burn skin. Summer is the not-so-great time of year here, until monsoon comes. It was 114 degrees at my house yesterday.:)

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