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Getting stepped on?

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I feel I must be in an odd situation but hopefully someone here can advise?

Stanley my 5 year old dog from the shelter steps on me daily and it leaves really bad bruises on my feet. 

I am exasperated at this point because it also  really hurts!

I don't know how to stop him because I'm not even sure he knows he has stepped on me.


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Broken Glass, if the reason that your dog is stepping on you is because he is not respecting your space, try this.  The next time he steps on you, make a big deal out of how much it hurts.  Fall down or hobble around, all the time vocalizing, as if you are really hurt....get dramatic!     If he is like some of my boys that would carelessly bump into me, he will probably melt and do everything he can to apologize.   I hope this helps.


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IIRC this is a rescue dog, and one that came into your home not all that long ago? Can't remember the details of everyone's situation without reminders. ;)

Anyway, especially if this is true, I'm guessing it's a situation that he wants to be very close to you for security and/or reassurance and just gets too close. My fairly recently adopted female did this quite a bit at first and still walks on the backs of my slippers pretty frequently.

I think Nancy's on the right track. Treat it like you would a puppy play nip that isn't malicious but hurts nonetheless. Yelp painfully and move away so he's not getting the closeness he's craving. When he can approach you at a suitable distance without stepping on your foot be sure to reward him with a pet or affectionate word to reinforce that this is where he should be in relation to you. I'm sure he's a bright dog and should figure it out with a little persistence on your part.

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Thank you all, I will definitely try your  advice. GentleLake he is a rescue dog and I think he is insecure.

It would be OK except he is super heavy he is almost 50 pounds!

I will post how it all goes. 

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