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How much sleep during the day does he need?

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Hi.  I'm technically a first time BC puppy owner (I guess having one as a family pet when I was 7 doesn't really count as I wasn't exactly involved in the upbringing).

He's lovely when he's not tired and had plenty of exercise and fed well etc.  My problem is knowing how to tell the difference between him being nuts because he's overtired or being nuts because he actually needs more activity/stimulation.  He's about  14 weeks old and doesn't have his second set of jabs until this Friday as the farm we got him from didn't have him vaccinated and he was about 10/11 weeks when we got him, so garden play, training and deliberate stress (getting him to do a few stairs which he's terrified of etc) are how we try to wear him out.

He often goes totally crazy (runs around like a lunatic, digs, chews, nips, barks) which in the end I put down to being overtired, but it does take some considerable time for him to get it out of his system and settle down.  Does anyone know how much sleep he should have as "naps" during the day?  I go out to work for 2 hours and he is allowed to sleep in the living room, which I am assuming he does as nothing appears out of place when I come home.  Other than that, he just crashes later at night and we end up having to wake him up for his pre bedtime toilet.  

Sorry for the ramble.  Any help appreciated.  (This is exactly like having a toddler - I often lose the will to live :rolleyes:)

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