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This is my dog Stanley, he is a rescue dog and it is believed he is either a Border Collie or a Border Collie mix however I am thinking he might be a Welsh Collie. Any thoughts?

Broken Glass


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I went and looked at Welsh collies ~ physically, they don't seem different at all from b. collies. I've seen at least 2 b. collies over the past many years that were very similar to Stanley. What I gathered from my very quick reading about Welsh collies is that they have a different style of working sheep than b. collies. I am by no means a working dog expert, so I can't comment at all on that.

Except that if it's true that Welsh collies work differently from b. collies, then the only way to tell if he's Welsh rather than Border would be to train him to work and see what his natural tendencies are. You may have already noticed that what matters to most people on these boards is the work the dog(s) perform, not the look.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along to post.

Ruth & Gibbs

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Welsh sheepdogs are very similar to border collies in size and appearance and can be easily confused. In Wales their numbers are dwindling, in part because they're often crossed with border collies, and there's a movement afoot to try to preserve them as a distinct breed. As was already mentioned, their working styles are different and that's really the best way of telling them apart.

I see you're in the US. With their being already fairly uncommon in Wales and doubtful very many in the US at all, it's much more likely that your dog is a border collie mix or even possibly a border collie, though some mixes end up looking like border collies that have no border collie at all. Behavior is usually the best determinant.

Whatever Stanly is he's a handsome dog and very lucky to have found you.


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