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Hi.  Hope it's okay to ask this as a new topic.  We have an approx 11 week old border collie puppy.  I hadn't done much research re foods when we got him so just went out and bought any old puppy food (pedigree puppy kibble).  It was gradually mixed in with some pellets the previous owner gave us.  I think it might be affecting dog's bowels as poos are quite sloppy (although he did just have his first injection too).

Can anyone recommend a good quality dry kibble for sensitive stomach (I believe grain free is the way to go) that isn't horrendously expensive.  Happy to spend money on him, but obviously don't want to spend £36 a bag if we can get similar quality for £10 less.  

I know every dog is different, just looking to see what others have tried that works well.  Many thanks.

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