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On the top right of each topic's title (directly to the right of the title) is a box that says "follow" and shows the number of ppl following the topic.  Click on the word "follow" and choose options from the drop down menu. You will also have to click on the black follow box at the bottom left of the menu box to activate the function. Maybe that's what you've missed?

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From the update showing new content, it looks like you've been successful in figuring this out. ;)

I've seen a couple new messages posted under your ID that say "//Following//". This is the first time I remember ever having seen that in a thread so I'm guessing you checked off the box to show other users that you're following the topic.

Suggestion: Don't check that box. It looks like it generates a new post every time you do it, which means that anyone checking for new content's going to see that extra post. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to delete unread content notices is to actually click on the entry and go to the thread, so it means everyone else will have to do that just to drop it from the new content listing. PITA. :lol:

In the little follow box at the top of each topic there's a number showing how many people are following the topic, so everyone will be able to see how many ppl are following a post, but those following may choose to remain anonymous if they like. ;)


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Hello GentleLake, 

How are you? Good I hope! Okay got this now, thank you. I did the //Following// thing as it meant I could check the box on my comment! But seeing your advice and now checking it works, I know how to do this properly, shall I delete my //Following// comments? 

So sorry if I messed it up, I can delete? xx

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