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My registered BC has always had some behavior problems, when I contacted his breeder when he was younger she said that his aggressive behavior was likely due to her mistake of breeding two recessive gene dogs together, a Merle and a Red. Is it really a bad deal to breed two recessive gene dogs together? I am just curious as my dog isn’t quite right but he is mine. LOL


Broken Glass 

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Welcome to the Boards, @Broken Glass.

That's one of the biggest loads of horse sh!t I've ever heard. :lol:

Not a breeder who understands very much about genetics. For one thing, merle is not recessive; it's a dominant allele. The second is even if they were both recessive, it's just not true.  :rolleyes:

My guess would be that if it's genetic it's because she bred two dogs together who had behavioral issues of their own or in their lines. Some behavioral issues can indeed be influenced by genes, and while I don't claim to be an expert on heredity by any stretch I'm not aware of their being linked to color despite the many myths that have popped up over the years about it.

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