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Best dry dog food for collies? Do you feed wet or dry or a mixture?

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My two collies are 1 year old and are on Cambrian variety Biscuits that were given to me by a friend and now I’ve tried to buy them myself I can only get them off eBay and that puts me off. However the dogs love them.

whats the best brand of dry food to feed collies?

is it best to feed wet and dry or just dry? 

is Cambrian a good quality food? TIA

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Welcome to the Boards.

It's always good when posting a question like this to indicate where you live. Though there are people here from around the world, this is essentially a US based forum, so not all of us will be able to recommend products available to everyone.

That said, you'll find a variety of opinions here about the best feed for dogs. Personally, for the last 20 years I've chosen to feed my dogs prey model raw. I believe that fresh foods are preferable to highly processed foods both for people and for dogs.

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I have had 3 Border Collies since 1988. The first two would eat anything including anything left over from a spicy take away ( Not proud of that ) . My current rescue I got when she was about 3 years old. Bit underweight when she came home. Tried all the posh expensive foods for a while and she was not solid for a long time. Turned out we could not give her anything that contained wheat. Now solid for a couple of years on Sainsbury's wet meat in gravy mixed with a non wheat Angus Beef dried food twice a day. She has a lovely coat and looks good. Charcoal biscuits as treats. No human scraps apart from chicken. Hope this helps.

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My dogs, except for one, have all done well on kibble I buy in 20 lb bags at a local retailer. I had one dog who didn't do well on any kibble, tried the prey model that Gentle Lake talks of, didn't make any difference. We had to put her on a daily steroid pill as that was the only thing that worked. 

For the dogs I've had, almost any kibble worked fine. Breeds don't make that much difference, unless you've got a dog who is working, (herding, tracking, etc) and therefore burning more calories. If your dogs are a healthy weight, skin, coat, teeth are in good shape, you've likely got something that works well for them. You could try them on dog food(s) that's more easily available to you. 

Ruth & Gibbs

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GDJ -- where are you? The dog food you mention is one I have not heard of, so I wonder if you are not in the US. If you are in another country, people in your country would be best to help you with this, since as noted above dog food has different brands in different countries.

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