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On 6/16/2020 at 12:45 PM, D'Elle said:

That is one gorgeous dog. Reminds me a bit of a very beloved foster dog I had one time - the same blond/red-and-white coloration and the slightly rounded ear tips.

Mine was not a purebred, I don't think, but yours looks more border collie than she did. 

One thing: I did often trim up the long and fluffy fur on the backs of my dogs' legs and on the butt, because I live in a place that has terrible burrs part of the year. I never trimmed anywhere else, and have been told one should never shave down a border collie or the fur will grow back weird. I used sometimes to trim the hair at the ear openings, but was told by one vet that I shouldn't because that hair there helps to keep burrs and insects and other things out of the ears, where they can travel into the ear canal. It made sense to me, so I never trimmed those hairs again on any of my dogs of any breed

Did I mention that you have a gorgeous dog? Good for you for finding and rescuing her. 

Thanks for the compliments and the tips. :)


Speaking of trimming ears, I actually did that for the for time a couple of days ago. But just some light thinning, mostly on the long hair under her ears at the side of her head. It was getting a bit overgrown. I'm pretty much doing as you did with your dog. Trimming mostly the back legs and butt area. Mainly to keep her cleaner back there and make it easier for her to clean herself.


Thanks again.

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