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Seeking info about my dogs interactions with other dogs

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My boy Jasper, every time he seeing another dog he instantly lies on the ground and Stares at the other dog but will have a sniff, wag his tail and walk away when the other dog approaches.  Ive read a lot that staring at other dogs can pretty intimidating for them.  My question is, is he in the wrong? He got bitten quite bad just yesterday and the other owner was adamant that it was Jaspers fault but thats how he interacts with every dog.  I’m beginning to question myself if it maybe was him?  Any replies would be great thank you.

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Hi! Hope Jasper is okay. It doesn't sound to me like he has done anything wrong. My collie is very selective about his friends and much prefers collies to other dogs but I have noticed that a lot of dogs do not like him. He is a farm dog and extremely intense really and I notice he acts quite different in communication with other dogs than typical pet dogs do. A lot of dogs have a go at him as we pass (completely unprovoked) and I am always wondering if it's some sort of miscommunication between them. Wonder if it may be the same for Jasper but doesn't sound like he has done anything wrong. What was the other dog?

Hope you are both okay.

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He's not doing anything wrong. But staring is a border collie thing, and some other dogs will take it as a challenge, although the border collie doesn't intend a challenge.

The most important thing is that it is up to you to protect your dog. If other dogs are having a go at him when you pass, then do not get that close to other dogs. Cross the street, whatever you need to do. but if you allow other dogs to attack him he will develop a deep fear of other dogs, understandably, and this will lead to other problems that you really do not want. Besides, it's your job to have his back, just as it's his job to have yours. Make sure he knows you won't let that happen to him again.

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