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How is everyone doing these days?

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GL....so sorry to hear about your Mom. Not to be able to see her must have been excruciating.

2020 is surely one of the worst years in modern times.

Amy -- very glad to hear that you are doing Ok in spite of everything. I have a friend who lives on land east of Salem, OR and he has been evacuated from his home, gone back now and is starting to clean up. House spared but much else destroyed, no power to the whole area.

I talked to a friend in Portland who is wearing a mask 24 hours a day and was still coughing a great deal while on the phone with me. 

I am amazed that the smoke has traveled all the way to the east coast, but of course the winds just keep going. I remember seeing ash from Mt. St. Helens' eruption  in Nebraska. (Mt. St. Helen being east of Seattle)

All we can do is hang in there. Maybe at some point things will get better in one way or another, although the general climate changes on the planet suggest that the human species is about to go into a decline. I suspect we are seeing the beginning of the end in that respect. 

Everybody:  Vote!


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