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Reluctance to go jogging

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My 2.5 year old Border mix is a typical border in many regards. High energy, loves having a task, can go all day, etc. What has been weird, however, is she has recently shown a dislike of going for a run with me. We only go for 3-4 miles, but the first 1/2 mile - 1 mile she pulls behind me and often tries to stop. The last 2+ miles, she is great. 

I know people can't diagnose over a message board, but have people had issues with something like this before? It's not an energy thing, so I'm curious if it's a breed thing (not enough stimuli), potential injury (though she'll play frisbee all day), or there are ways people have 'taught' their dog to like jogging. 

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I have never come across this issue (not being the sort of person to go for a run for fun :P) but I do wonder if part of the reason she is reluctant for the first part of the run is because she does not want to just be running steadily by your side, but be off sniffing, and wandering around here there and everywhere?  Then after a mile or so she has got the fidgets worked out and settled into the physicality of the run.

If this is the case, can you maybe let her have a time before the run where she can wander, sniff and work her brain a bit before settling into the run?

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19 hours ago, dananicb said:

drharps - how did it go? I am planning to start my 2yr old to accompany me on a jog (have been training to keep up with her). Any tips?

She's still reluctant. The only way I can get her to go is if I walk with her in the opposite direction and take a different route for the run. And even that is 50/50 on working. What worked for me was starting her on a tight leash. When she had too much leeway, she would cut behind me or pay too much attention to stimuli and potentially trip me. Now that she's used to running, I can give her more leash and she maintains well. 

What I wish I did differently was treat her a ton more. I would start running and only treat when I stopped. I wish I had treated her randomly throughout the run so she would have a better enjoyment of it. 

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