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Need some training advice/book recommendations

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Charley has been obsessing about one of my indoor cats.  She is not the brightest and doesn't do anything to move him out of her personal space.  When she is not around he will stare at her sister, as they look very much alike but she will correct him with her claws and he goes off to his crate or another safe space.  We can say "wrong cat Charley" and he will leave the sister alone, it doesn't work for the other one.  We spent a lot of time redirecting him when this started but it had no impact.  I am retiring in a couple months and will have the time to invest in hopefully correcting this behavior.  Thank you

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He's not confusing the 2 cats. He knows as well as you do -- and probably better, by smell -- which cat's which. ;)

Really, I think just about the only thing you can do is to watch him constantly and distract and/or correct him if he even looks at the cat he's targeting. if you can't watch him, make sure he doesn't have access to the cat, just as you'd limit a puppy's opportunity to make a soiling mistake when you can't supervise. He needs to learn that the cat's off limits just like anything else he's not permitted to have.

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