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Tucker will be 2 years old the end of may. He loves riding in the car and use to greet people at the fast food drive though window with eagerness and excitement but never barked at them. I started leaving Tucker in my truck with my other dog a few month ago. Up until then He was alway in a kennel while in my truck. He has become very aggressive to any one or thing that is remotely even close to him while he is in the truck or my 5 wheel camper. He doesn't just bark he viciously barks at anyone or thing that is within eye sight. He is uncontrollable when he is like this. I can't even talk to anyone that may come up to the vehicle. He especially hates bikes. Fast food drive up is out of the question any more. I don't know what to do except put him back into his kennel when riding in my truck. I can at least reach and control him in the kennel. Anyone one have any other ideas? 


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Awww poor pup. Generally once that worked up they are really stressed. I wonder if something happen to him when he was loose with the other dogs in your truck? 
I have 3 dogs who travels everywhere with me. Once’s one start barking it causes a chain reaction and they just feed into each other. I have started to reward the quiet in the car PRIOR to their triggers (people walking, dogs, suspicious looking leaf, SQUIRREL!, etc...) . I live by myself so just keep treats handy in the car so I can toss them in the back as a reward for calm or ignoring their triggers.

If you have a buddy that can ride with you it could help make it easier since you could focus on what is leading up to his behavior and hopefully get him refocus prior to him reacting. 
Or if you don’t mind the kennel and he likes the kennel you can just start using that again. 
Good luck 

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I am starting to making him stay in the front seat where I can control him.Taffy my other BC don't really like it because the front seat has always been her area. I see how this goes for awhile. Their still the problem when I leave the dogs in the truck and go into the store. Tucker barks his fool head off. Never use too. I am wondering if someone has harassed him when I was in there. He probably has a lot of fear when I am gone. When he was in his kennel maybe he did feel a lot safer.

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Kind of sounds to me as if he had a bad experience one time when you left him, but no point in trying to figure that one out because you never will. I think the advice of just putting him back into the kennel is the best. You could try letting him be loose again after 6 months or so, see if it's better, and if not he can just be a dog you let ride in the kennel, right?

Best of luck. :-)

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