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Cressa throughout the years. :wub: She has helped me mature in more ways then I can count. Although she is on the smaller size for the breed her spunk and attitude more then makes up for it. She has been my first for almost everything that I sometimes wonder how bias I am for the younger dogs who just aren’t her(first in the competition world, tricks training, hiking buddy, road trip buddy, herding, obedience, exploring, etc...) . We butted heads for the first couple years since she had a high prey drive and was positive she was right regardless. Agility competition turn it around and our partnership grew. She has been everywhere with me. She has save me in multiple situations when she picked up on the person intent and warn them off. She taught me it isn’t so much about “dominance” but respect and trust. Although she is now deaf she still loves to outshine hers younger pack mates with tricks. To be honest she makes me looks good sometimes with how fast she picks up the problem and the solution.  Half the time she watches(since she is deaf she can’t hear what I’m saying) me and the dog I’m working with. If whatever I’m asking is not working, Cressa after waiting patiently just come over and does whatever I was trying to communicate to my other dogs. Even though she is deaf I do try to include her in tricks training with the hand signals.

If you have awesome senior stories feel free to share. I was trying not to ramble too long. The picture of her with the crown is on her 15th birthday and her puppy picture was when she was around 3 months old.












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Awww. Happy birthday, Cressa.

Such a wonderful occasion to be able to share with her. I hope that's a meatloaf cake. :D (One of my foster dogs went to a woman who celebrated his birthday every year with a lovely homemade meatloaf cake frosted with mashed potatoes and decorated with green peas.)

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GentleLake she would have probably prefer that!

Cressa has always gotten a human grade birthday cake. This year she got a milk cake topped with fresh pineapples and strawberries, and she also got a yellow cake filled with fresh berries and cool whipped frosting. She snubbed the frosting but enjoyed the cake with berries. Lol

Val always gets dog friendly birthday cakes and I buy a human cake for the humans.

Parker gets a giant biscuit decorated all to himself since he is a food hound and I get a cake on the side for everyone else.

I do like that idea so maybe if she is still with me at 15.5 we will celebrate a half birthday. 

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