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Sponsoring a memorial class at the Bluegrass for Airbear (Kristi Oikawa)

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Would anyone like to be part of a Bluegrass Classic SDT memorial class sponsorship (will include an ad in this year's program) in memory of Kristi Oikawa? I would be happy to coordinate this. The website is up with information about the trial (www.bluegrassclassicsdt.org) and the class to be sponsored would depend on the response we get. Answer here or email me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com if you'd rather.

Kristi contributed a lot to the Bluegrass, mostly behind the scenes, with website design and maintenance as well as volunteering during the trial and being a bright, shining light in our days. (photo by Greg Jones)

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HI Sue,

I'm in - let me know the details!  Kristi was an inspiration to so many of us, truly a bright, shining light in our little border collie world.  She is missed.

Thanks for coordinating this!


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Thank you, Amy! Send a check  for $25 (or a multiple of $25) made out to KBCA to Tresa Laferty, KBCA, 25707 Minnetonka Dr., Kansasville WI 53139 with a note that it is for Kristi's memorial class. I've been in touch with Tresa and she will keep a record of what is raised for this memorial so we know which class (or classes) will be sponsored in her name. 

Again, thanks, and feel free to spread the word. It's a tough time for fund-raising as both the 2020 National Sheepdog Finals and the 2020 World Trial Team USA (and Canadian teams) are all fundraising now but I am hoping we get a nice memorial to remember this young woman who loved the dogs so much and brightened so many people's lives with her exuberant and friendly nature. 

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