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Puppy jumping

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I’m worried about my puppy. She’s 7 months old, I know she’s not supposed to jump high. When she’s excited she often jumps really high up, she’s jumped on the table, over large puddles on walks , etc. Yesterday she jumped up onto a bunk bed (the top bunk) and before I could do anything she jumped right back down. I’m worried that something will happen to her or that she will end up with pernament damage. Nothing ever happens to her, she lands on all four feet and then acts like nothing happened but I’m just worried. How do I stop her doing this??

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I think you are right to be worried. Basically, if that were my puppy I would consider it my job to keep her from doing that kind of jumping, as she is much too young to be doing that.  Prevention is a lot easier than surgery for a ligament tear. And a young dog has no idea how to land properly and is not paying any attention, so you have to pay attention for her.

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