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Interesting observation about Marengo

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Okay...most of you know that my oldest, Marengo, is dysplastic. For years I've been struggling to keep weight off of her (thanks to well-meaning friends and relatives) and now that I'm isolated in Iowa, for the past year her weight has been pretty good. She's by no means svelte, but my fingers at least make slight bumps along her ribs.


So anyway, a couple of weeks ago out of financial tightness I bought ONE bag of regular Science Diet and have been feeding it to both dogs. In that two weeks, Marengo has been suddenly able to jump back up on the bed again...where previously she'd do this "I think I can make it this time" dance and never get anywhere. I've got one of those old really high antique beds, and she's sucessfully leaped up like it was no big deal for the past 3 or 4 mornings in a row.


Now, a month ago I was feeding them fish oil treats with chondroitin (sp?)but I would think that those would be out of their system by now. Do you all think that she's getting something out of the regular food that's easing her pain, or maybe it's giving her strength that the low fat wasn't? I'd be interested to hear your ideas. If you all think it's the food, I won't go back to the diet crap.

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Guest PrairieFire

I'm a big beleiver in "higher" fat diets for these dogs - I try to keep mine at 16% or so, and boost it during heavier work...since I have no idea of the nutritional values of the food you're feeding, I can't make any guesses for comparison.


By the way, I am a big believer that "nutritional profiles" can vary immensely by dog, work levels, etc. so a blanket - "this food is best" may not be the answer for all dogs under all circumstances...

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I've long thrown the bag away too. I'll see what I can find online and get back to you. I was feeding Science Diet before the switch to Pro Plan (on recommendation by my vet for better weight loss) but switched back because their coats got crappy and they were shedding like freaks. Dandruff gone, static gone, dullness gone, less shed and miraculously Marengo is limber. Very odd.

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okay...here's the make-up of science diet regular (which I'm feeding now)


Protein 23%

Fat 14%

Carb 48%

fiber 1.9%


the light (which I was feeding before the pro plan)


Pro 22%

fat 8%

carb 42.9%

fiber 13%


Maybe she was feeling to full to jump? lol The carb difference isn't real significant, the vitamins and such were the same for each..the only thing that looks significant (besides the fiber) is the fat, and she was GAINING weight on the light...it's all very weird...maybe she was just bloated. I'm thinking dog food scientists are just as messed up as people food scientists.

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