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Dual hip replacement (1 year old dog)

Nanda & Nelson

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A collie in my family has just been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. At only 1 year old, we started to notice she had a difficult time getting up, somewhat pushing her hind legs up. She never seemed in pain and is otherwise a very healthy, happy, active and social border collie. But with a rescue with severe HD in the family, we recognized this is not how a 1-year old dog should move. We quickly made a trip to the vet. 

Unfortunately, she has severe hip dysplasia in both hips. The femoral head is barely in the hip socket. Knowing she is showing sign this early, we know it's not good. Our local vet has sent out photo's to a specialized clinic and we are most likely looking at a double total hip replacement (THR - will hopefully have an appointment with the specialist in a week).

First they will do one leg, then the other. She is insured but even if she wasn't, we would go ahead whatever is needed.  Recovery time was mentioned to be about 3-months if all goes well. Once the first one is healed, the other will be done.

Now I am curious to hear if...

  • Is there anyone here has experience with this surgery? 
  • Any tips for recovery / keeping her entertained while resting? She is a pretty hyper pup.
  • How was your dog after surgery? Did they recover / able to live a happy life?

I would very much appreciate some real-life experiences. 

PS: I know the question may be asked, therefor I will answer here. Parents were HD A (free of HD), and were fully health tested. We are in contact with the breeder to get some answers but at this point our priority lays with our dog and getting her the help she needs to hopefully live a pain-free, happy life. 

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As you probably know, great hips in the parents don’t guarantee good hips in all puppies. Genetics is a funny thing that way. Also there is an environmental component, meaning if a pup is predisposed to CHD certain activities as a pup (whelping area without good traction, lots of travel up and down steps, any repetitive activity that puts pressure on the hip socket) can contribute. 

I can’t help with the total hip replacement question. I know if a working dog (years ago) who has FHOs done on both sides and she went on to a long, normal working career. 


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