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He's still on stray hold but I wanted to share him now. Is he a BC ... Maybe? But he's a very nice boy, absolutely stunning, sweet as pie, eager to please, soft in temperament and very motivated by verbal praise from a total stranger who chased him for several blocks (that'd be me) 

I found him running in the street today, and then encountered a homeless man who claimed it was his dog, but asked me to take the dog to the shelter. I kept the dog for several hours before reluctantly handing him over.

I guessed he was about 1 year old, shelter says 2.

He's absolutely lovely anyway and on the off chance someone local to me is looking for a bit of mutt I had to share him.





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Rigby he's gorgeous! If I could take him I would in a heartbeat. You might try contacting Dogwood Animal Rescue Project  dogwoodanimalrescueproject.com   I've known these folks for years. There's a contact option on their page. Please tell them Ruth and Gibbs referred you to them. 

Thank you for taking him someplace safe.

Ruth & Gibbs  

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