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I don't want to give my dog away, but she's so difficult -help

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Hey everyone, 

I need advice, I am going through a very hard time with my beloved 1y 6m old BC. 

We live in a 55 sqm flat, we play in the morning 10-11am, then in the afternoon 5-6pm then she gets a poddy walk at 11pm.

She has been really good until recently -the past month we did flat renovations, fixed the bathroom. She was good most days, certain days she would be very attention demanding, she would steal tools just to get attention. Now that the works are finished, she still continues to be very not settled, she wants attention every 10minutes, even after being exercised.

Our walks haven't been good either, I cannot take her far (I live in a city) because in November I decided that it's finally time to teach her to stop pulling the lead, so now every time she pulls I stop. Our walks are very slow so I only take her on her walks and cannot take her with me on strolls :(. 

I also love going climbing, but I stopped taking her with me because all she does is bark at me while I'm on the wall, regardless of how much she's been exercised before. 

To make things worse she's not really affectionate to me. I only use positive reinforcement, I would never hit her. And over the past 2 days she has stopped listening to me.

I have had a very unstable /not settled life - I changed country with her when she was 6 months old,then had to fully renovate a flat, my routine sometimes changes 2-3 times a month. 

My friends who have dogs think my dog is special and super difficult. The trainer at the local dog hotel where I leave her when I go on holiday thinks she's amazing and well trained,  my friend who is a dog trainer thinks I don't stimulate her enough, but I know when I do and don't. I think she is constantly testing me and wants to be the boss, she wants my attention.

Any tips? What should I do, I love this dog, but I almost don't feel like the right owner 



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