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10 month old pup playing tug of war on lead when walking home

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My border collie puppy has been going on walks every day. On my days off we go for a 1 hour walk up the forest where she roams free - general, sniffing around, no ball play). then in the night we go to the park. After work I take her for a walk Around the park, where we play fetch with her ball which she loves for about 30 minutes. She would go on for longer if I let her but it’s continuous fetch which can’t be good for her joints. Then we make our way home. 
Then I had a week off work, Chance was very ill with a bug and I spent all week looking after her. We went on a short walk occasionally. Then the trouble started when I went back to work. On our way home from the park she has now started to pull on the lead when we try to walk home. If I walk off, she jumps up on my back and legs which hurts like s*** and I get really annoyed. I try telling her no. I’ve ignored her only to start walking and she does it again.

point is she’s NEVER done this up until about two weeks ago. I feel so pissed off on the walk back home I feel guilty because she’s my baby. I adore her, I give her the world. But this new bad behaviour is ridiculous. 

Can anyone help/provide advice please?

TLDR: puppy has developed bad walking behaviours after playing fetch for 30 minutes in the park. Tugs on leash, jumps up. Never done this before until two weeks ago. 

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