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I thought it was thought-provoking.  Interesting to hear a boots-on-the-ground stockperson using words like "landrace" and talking about the "popular sire" effect.  Plus, they had an interesting take on the trial dog.  People are all too ready to dismiss the stockperson as an ignorant hick. 

Forward thinkers are beginning to understand that turning everyone into vegans is not the path to good nutrition or creating enough quality calories to nourish a growing population.  Transhumance is a really good way to raise livestock, and we should be working to help livestock producers incorporate it into their flocks & herds.  Keep 'em on the trail and out of feedlots.  I realize that it's partly where I live, (the SF Bay Area), but I know more and more people who are interested in grass-finished beef and lamb.

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I liked the very clear distinction between livestock guard dogs and herding dogs, which is something that lay people often confuse.  It was also refreshing to hear breeders who are not bothered by overly precise classification of breed, but rather are interested in producing dogs that work well in their particular circumstances and are unafraid to produce "mixed breed dogs" to achieve it.

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