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What Kind of Dog Is This?

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I believe it is accepted in Australia that you can have cream Kelpies. I know that they are often used in Australian movies as substitutes for dingoes. So it is possible?


I am not sure the face looks completely Kelpie like to me, but it could be the angle. 

I found this working kelpie stud. Absolutely no guarantee of quality, but when you scroll down the previous litters, there are quite a few which have some cream pups in there.



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Could also be  a straight up mix.


I  mean, Kiran was selectively  bred for useful work on stock. 


He's a mix.  Not of two purebreds but of generations of mixes of a couple of breeds.  Neither his siblings nor his parents looked like anything but they can sure get the job done. 


His people just call them 'stock dogs'.   

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Thanks, GentleLake.  I don't go near Facebook, so that was very helpful.  The dog seemed a good "header" dog, but looked almost pit-bull-ish to me.  I'd never heard of cream Kelpies either - just black and "red" ones.

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