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Help with 10 month old couch zoomies

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Hi there everyone, 

I am hoping you can give me some tips to help my 10 month old, Sunny, with his couch zoomies. 

I have visited the boards many times over the last few months (although this is my first post), and all the wonderful tips and advice has really helped, so thank you all!! 

For a bit of background info, we do allow Sunny on the couches for snuggles and snoozes. He also has a bed in the living area which is where we are trying to get him to lay when he has treats and toys, instead of the couches (a work in progress, but not the main concern). 

The main concern is that when he gets really excited about something, he races around the living room and flies from couch to couch. 

My question is how do I best go about catching him to put him in his crate for a time out? 

 I try to avoid chasing him as best I can, as he loves it and its turned into a game for him at this point. We also have a fairly small open living/dining and kitchen space, so we often end up at opposite ends of the dining table, just waiting for the other to make a move, and then going round and round in circles. Honestly, sometimes its almost comical, but it really is something we need to work on. 

Most times its only out of pure luck that I manage to pounce on him at just the right moment before he races off again. Sometimes he will flop down after wearing himself out and I can slide up next to him on the couch and grab him. But he is starting to anticipate this and take off again.

We have also recently upgraded his crate to a larger size, which now stays permanently in our bedroom. He previous crate was smaller and easier to move from the bedroom to the living room and vice versa as needed during the day (bedroom for nighttime and living room for day time). 

So previously when he had an episode of the couch zoomies, he would be caught (through great effort) and put in his crate in the living room for a time out. 

Now though, on top of just trying to catch him, we have to get him from the living room to his crate in the bedroom, which is down a short hallway. 

Lately, once I catch him I have been putting him on his lead and walking him (most times with some resistance on his part) down the hallway to his crate. 

Aside from over excitement, the couch zoomies are also triggered when he realises he is going to get a time out for something else he has done, so he will take off before we can get to him. 

I really appreciate any advice you are able to give me :) 

Thanks so much, 

Marissa & Sunny. 



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