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So Pixie will be 5 months old on Christmas Eve, which seems crazy. It feels like I only brought her home yesterday.

She's actually very small. People on the street are usually really surprised that she's almost 5 months old, she's just so small! Not really surprising though since her mum was very small for a border collie. 

A few days ago I got asked if she was a Jack russel terrier :rolleyes: And another person thought she was a greyhound. I always thought that here in the UK people would be able to recognise a border collie when they see one, but I guess I was wrong :rolleyes:

Anyway, here are some pictures, since this is a picture thread:













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Pixie will be 6 months old soon! She’s the best dog ever, sweet, friendly, and smart, very confident, good with other animals etc. 

I’m teaching her lots of tricks, and only some are shown here. I’ve kind of run out of tricks to teach her ar this point. 


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