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I got a puppy...

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Well, today wasn't exactly the best day.

This morning I realised that Pixie was having bloody diarrhea. She's partly house trained and always scratches the door when she needs to go outside to poo (peeing is a different story), but today she was having diarrhea every 20 minutes, and inside every time. I thought it was a side effect of the flea and worm treatment she was recieving.

Well, once she fell asleep, I could still smell a terrible smell even though I cleaned everything up. Turns out she somehow got behind my rats' cage (which is really close to the wall), and had diarrhea there. And it had streaks of blood in it. 

She woke up, and had diarrhea again, and once again it had blood in it. I took her to the vet. 

Vet said that it was a side effect of the flea and worm treatment - like I had suspected - and that I shouldn't worry too much. She also said she might have bacteria, so gave me antibiotics and said it should go away within the next few days. 

Well, I gave her the first tablet, and it helped - she's had no more diarrhea today. But around an hour after recieving the medication, I noticed that one side of her lip was really swollen, and she screamed when I tried to touch it. She also wouldn't pick up her toy, even though she clearly wanted to. It was causing her pain. 

Back to the vet. 

Turns out she's allergic to the antibiotics she was having (she only had one tablet) and the swelling was an allergic reaction. I was given an alternative medication, and after getting the first tablet the swelling has gone down completely. 


Thankfully through all of this her behaviour was totally normal, and she was her normal, playful, smart, stubborn, friendly self. She absolutely loved the vet! She was wagging her tail the entire time we were there, and was licking the vet all over. 

The new medication is meant to make her slightly lethargic, which tbh I can't see. She isn't lethargic at all.

So, Anyway. That was fun :rolleyes: 


This is what her lip normally looks like (picture taken yesterday).


This is what it looked like today. 

And other pictures from an hour ago, now that she is better:






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She's doing a lot better today. No more lip swelling or diarrhea. So that's great. 









My friends tell me she looks like a skunk, especially in this picture ^^


She was stalking the football.


But eventually realised that staring at it doesn't do anything. 


That look in her eyes... She's saying "mum, let's go inside, I'm hungry!"



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On 10/9/2019 at 7:10 AM, GentleLake said:

She's seriously cute. No wonder you want to keep posting pics. I especially love her lopsided face and the kissy spot on her chest. :wub:

Don't worry about training. At 11 weeks she can handle several short sessions a day, which IMO is the best way to train anyway.

The other thing to remember is that every. single. moment you're connecting with her (or not) you're training in some way or another. She's learning how to interact with you and her surrounding environment all the time, whether you're consciously "training" or not. So make all those moments count by being aware that she's in learning mode all the time and make the best use of them by reinforcing the behavior you like and redirecting from things you don't want to become habits.

Have fun!

I endorse the above. Make all the interactions with her count.

I LOVE her face.♥♥ And I want to put my face right in that little belly of hers! She is utterly adorable. 

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One of my boys used to respond to Nexgard/Nexgard Spectra with diarrhoea too, although not bloody.  Mind you, he had a sensitive gut to a lot of things.

Pixie is precious, I have slight puppy envy right now.

Keep the photos coming, she is adorable and we love seeing puppies grow!

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I guess that means I'm stuck with this thing...




This is her favourite trick. She'll just randomly go between my legs and put her paws on my feet, even if I don't have a toy/treat to reward her with.



"What is this?"


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That puppy's face kind if looks like Pixie's... Hopefully she'll never become a destructive force of nature :D

She's a very quick learner and really fun to train. She loves doing tricks and always seems sad when the training sessions are over.





Now, do puppies usually do this?




She can actually jump really high, and it honestly scares me. 

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Some friends came over today with their cockapoo. He's only two days older than Pixie, and they had so much fun playing together. Pixie was wary at first but warmed up to him eventually, and then they just played. Now she's completely wiped out.:)




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Pixie Puppy turned 14 weeks old yesterday. She's growing, but I can't imagine her being all grown up. I know she still has plenty of puppy time left, but I was thinking about the other day and it feels like she will never grow up. 

Anyway, here are some photos:





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She's starting to prick that ear up more and more, but her preffered ear set right now is this:



I swear her ears have grown.



Also, her tan markings seem to be disappearing? At least on her face... She's getting more tan hairs on her legs, though you can't see it in pictures. 

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