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I got a puppy...

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It happened a lot sooner than I expected, but oh well. She's unregistered from a farm, both parents are working dogs. And she's perfect. I went to pick her up today, she slept for most of the car journey (2 and a half hours). She's super sweet, seems really friendly and fearless. 

I'm calling her Pixie. She's a white factored smooth tri, but the tri is a bit hard to see. Not that it really matters.

Hopefully I'll get some better pictures tomorrow :)







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I just cant stop myself from posting pictures :rolleyes: Pixie's 11 weeks old today, and I really want to take some nicer pictures of her outside, but she just moves too much! And she is very smart, honestly the smartest puppy I've ever met - and I think she really likes to use her brain. I've taught her how to sit and lie down, she learned both in the space of around three minutes, and she seemed to really enjoy it. But I don't want to train her too much, since I've only had her for three days and I really want her to just be a puppy right now. 

Anyway, here are some pictures, from today and some from yesterday:





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She's seriously cute. No wonder you want to keep posting pics. I especially love her lopsided face and the kissy spot on her chest. :wub:

Don't worry about training. At 11 weeks she can handle several short sessions a day, which IMO is the best way to train anyway.

The other thing to remember is that every. single. moment you're connecting with her (or not) you're training in some way or another. She's learning how to interact with you and her surrounding environment all the time, whether you're consciously "training" or not. So make all those moments count by being aware that she's in learning mode all the time and make the best use of them by reinforcing the behavior you like and redirecting from things you don't want to become habits.

Have fun!

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Seconding what GentleLake says!  Border Collie puppies really are constantly using their minds, so every minute is learning.  It does not have to be formal training, but the old saying "start as you intend to go on" really does apply.  Do not give puppy license to behaviour you do not want to deal with as an adult dog, and consistency is key.

You will never hear a complaint from me about puppy photos! Especially ones of such a cute puppy!


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FINALLY. Outdoor pictures:IMG_2997.thumb.JPG.2202f368fe545215ecfe3c50b448daa9.JPG


And some other random photos:





Stop moving Pixie!


There we go.

I love love love her half black half white nose...




... and she is making me fall in love with smooth coats. I always said I preferred medium rough coats. But now I prefer smoothies :D




And now, my favourite picture...






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12 weeks old today :D


I've started to take her on walks, and she is SO good on a leash. She never pulls or stops and just heels really nicely. 

I've never actually realised how much attention puppies get - I have so many people asking me if they can pet her. I usually say yes because she is so friendly and loooooves fuss and attention. I was waiting with her outside a shop and some shop workers actually came out just so they can pet her. She rolled over onto her back and started wagging her tail like crazy and smiling :D

But the number of people who don't even ask and just walk up to her making clicking noises is depressing. If she was a nervous and reactive dog (which she is not) then that wouldn't end well. 

I had a few people asking if she was a collie, or 'sheepdog', but one woman asked me if she was a labrador.




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Oh yes, the inevitable question of "What is she/he?" that those of us who have anything other than the traditional long coat black and white border collies invariably encounter throughout the lives of our dogs - welcome to the club!

I have a red merle, two black tri colours, one new short coat black and white, and until last month had a white face black and white.  Invariably I would get asked what type of dogs they were.  In Australia, I often get asked if they are Coolie/Koolie , or Australian Shepherd, or Kelpie, or I simply get told that they can't be Borders because they aren't the right colours or coats.

One of the loveliest comments I ever received was when I first started agility and a stranger told me that you just had to look at my white face move to know that he was all border collie, even if he did not have a pedigree.

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Pixie is adorable! Keep posting pictures :) it is so much fun to see a pup grow.

I have a smoothie as well and she rarely gets recognized as a BC. Lately a lot of people think she is a foreign rescue dog, from Spain or Romania. 
But when people do see that she is a border collie we have such nice conversations. Birds of a feather...

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Oh, but apart from the size, colour, general body shape, head shape and ears, they are exactly the same! Right? :D

Talking about ears, one went up today for about an hour. 


But then it went down again.


I'm kind of secretly hoping that she will end up with prick ears... her mum had prick ears, so there's always a chance. Sometimes when she wakes up, one of her ears will be pricked or completely tipped forward for a few minutes but then it goes back to normal. 


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:P Val’s ears couldnt figure out what they wanted to set as till he was close to 6 months old. I was pretty sure they would be pricked since both parents had pricked ears... but they took forever to actually come up.

Val’s ears now at 7AA1335E8-6207-4B97-A2EA-004EFCC14EE4.thumb.jpeg.9b1198410310ca93a77c80a5b45f0905.jpeg


vs when he was a baby 


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Ears go crazy around the time adult teeth start coming through.  If you have not already, chew proof everything! And get lots of chew toys ready for your puppy, because she is abut to go through teething, most likely.  I wish I had more photos of how different my puppy's ears had been from day to day, so keep on that camera!

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