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Been a while. I had to cut my BC fur. Question.

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Been a while since I posted about Yoti. I had to leave him with my maw maw for over the Spring & Summer. Well I went to check on him a few days ago (He will be returning to be with me shortly).


He did turn out to have a descent length and very thick fur. When I went to check on him she didn't do to good of job to keep his fur brushed out. She loves the dog and kept him fed really good but the brushing must have never occurred to her & to be honest I forgot to tell her, which makes me mad at myself. It was matted pretty good on his tail and around his ears (That's the only places). I know you are not supposed to shave a border collie but I had to take scissors and cut the mats out. There is no way to get them out. By the time I would have picked the mats out it wouldn't have been any fur left there anyway.

I did have to cut it pretty short where the mats were but I only used scissors. Is it going to grow back or did I make a mistake? I really don't how else it would have been possible to get those mats oit with cutting them in some way. I really hated doing it. I could tell he missed me because he wouldn't leave my side the whole time.

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