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Barks at anything with moving wheels

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Hi my bc 6 month old puppy has started to bark at anything with moving wheels! Bikes, cars, wheelchairs, anything!! Also if I take him out for walks he's fine until he sees another dog. If I can I ask the owner if my dog can say hello to theirs. Majority of the time this works and he's great, but if there is a dog in the distance he just barks and pulls on the lead. I have taken him to socialising and puppy classes where he was fine. I had to wait several weeks for the next puppy progression class. When we did arrive he was so excited but started to bark at the other dogs. We were quickly escorted outside and told perhaps this class wasn't for our dog! I felt so embarrassed. Now I'm trying everything to help our BC so he doesn't get so much anxiety. I'm at home everyday and spend a lot of time with him. We live out in the country and I take him for walks on our land and to a local National Trust park. I want to do it myself but would love any advice please.

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The big thing is to try to keep him under threshold when you are doing your training on these issues. Once he is at the end of his leash barking, things have already gone wrong... the game is to try to stop *before* that will happen, and do your training *then*. Obviously you will not always guess right :P and that's ok, just get him out of the situation as quickly as practical (go away, behind a bush, round a corner, put yourself in front of him, whatever situation allows) but I mean the idea is to keep the number of oopsies low, if you want the behavior to decrease rather than increase.


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The book "Control Unleashed". The Look At That game.  Do not permit him to continue to behave the way he is; start your training right away. The more he does this behavior the harder it will be to train it out of him. A search of this forum on the topic will bring up a lot of information on this issue because it is not uncommon.

Any specific questions you have after reading this stuff and trying it, do come here and ask and we will help as best we can.

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