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Out of curiosity: unpigmented skin on nose and how it changes

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Hi all, I was reading the thread on Anzley Grace and someone mentioned the changes that occur on a pup's nose when they have unpigmented skin. Does anyone know how long these changes continue? My girl's nose has changed quite a bit and I put together a series of photos to document it. I was curious if it might continue (she's almost a year and a half old) and also do you take any precautions to keep their noses from getting burned? I'd also love to see pictures of your beautiful pups as well! 

Thanks everyone!


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     I have a brindle pointed black tri-color that had a pink nose as a puppy.  It was pink spotted but over time it filled in.  Weird thing was, I swear, after a day in the sun it would blacken more.  I think by a year of age it was completely black.

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