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My BC pup is 23 weeks old, fit, lively and healthy in every way, about 14k.  I started him on raw chicken and beef chunks, some lamb bones too.  Some mornings (like this morning) he'll eat for England.  This evening, although he tells me he's peckish, he takes a piece of meat and hides it for later.  Yesterday there was a lovely chicken wing hiding under my pillow! Along with the raw meals, he'll have a handful of good quality organic 'chicken & veg, herb" kibble that he likes.

So this evening he has nothing to eat as I lifted it up after 10 minutes and it's back in the fridge until the morning.  At under 6 months, the 'experts' say pups this age must have 2 meals a day.  I try telling my boy this but he seems to be a one-meal-a-day dog.  Is this normal for collies, I know they can be a bit individual in their tastes.

Would appreciate advice please. 


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I have had some border collies be good eaters and some who just wasn’t into food. 

 Normally try to feed pups 2-3x a day but I they are not interested but still healthy/active it doesn’t bother me if this skip a meal. 

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I agree w/ SS Cressa. My first border collie wasn't into food at all. I'd have had to force feed him to get him to eat any more than he did. (I didn't; he was fine.)

It's more important puppies eat regularly for good growth, but if he's growing, healthy and active and eating all he wants to, I don't think I'd worry about it. If he's not growing, is lethargic or showing any signs of illness then I'd be talking to my vet about it.

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Of my two current dogs, one will eat anything any time in any quantity and the other goes through phases when he doesn't want breakfast, or even doesn't want to eat food at all for a day or more. He will always still take favorite treats,  just not a meal.  I have learned not to stress about it, and of course not to offer fancier foods to coax him to eat. I just put the same food down again the next meal.  Pick up if not eaten in 10 minutes, repeat.

In your case....I would confine him with his bowl so he can't hide food under your pillow....  :-)

And as long as he is lively and seems fine in all other ways I wouldn't worry, but of course getting him checked out by the vet can't ever hurt.

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