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Advice about transporting a yellow lab

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Good Morning, All ~ some of you may know I'm a professional organizer and I've got a project that involves getting a lovely yellow lab, 9 years old, from Northern CA to FL, by way of car. My concern is that while I've been working with the client to get her packed up to move, the dog has been what I think of as 'anxiety' barking. Her nephew and his wife are flying here to drive her car for her to FL and will take Duncan with them. They are planning a sort of wandering road trip, visiting friends and relatives possibly on their way to FL. Client says they are dog people.

My concern is that Duncan, who has a wonderful temperament, will continue to bark and bark and bark his way from CA to FL, which would drive me crazy. I've advised Client to get some tranquilizers for him for the trip, just in case, and she has done that.  She flat out refused to have him flown out, which I can understand.

So, suggestions for the doggy chauffeurs? I plan to see if I can engage Duncan in some games, (hiding a few pieces of kibble under a blanket, using a food toy for some of his food, etc) and then advise the nephew and his wife of things they can do to ease his anxiety rather than keep him drugged. Would welcome all ideas!

Ruth & Duncan, for a change

PS ~ I plan to ask Client to start taking Duncan with her as much as she can on quick trips around town, so he gets more used to being in the car. AND, she's going to send his bed that he already sleeps on in the car with them.

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Pupdate on the cross-country trip with Duncan, the yellow lab. It went very well. The young couple who drove my client's car w/Duncan in it from CA to FL said that Duncan traveled very well and charmed everyone he met along the way. He and my client had a happy reunion a couple weeks ago.

Ruth & Gibbs

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