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Perhaps an odd question but looking for a specific toy...

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My BC had a toy that she absolutely adored and unfortunately it finally fell apart. I've been looking for something to replace it but haven't been able to find anything! It was fairly small (about the size of a soft puppy frisbee) and in the shape of a starfish. One side was a bit of a canvas material with the other side soft but not fuzzy enough to attract chewing. The edges were reinforced with a thicker canvas like trim and there was a small squeaker in the center (I usually prefer no squeakers and I'm careful about them but she was never unsupervised with this toy). There was nothing on either side that stuck out to attract chewing so it was perfect for her.

Everything I've replaced it with has either been too plush (gets soaked with drool and yucky!), has something sticking out (she ends up chewing on it rather than playing with it and rips it off), or isn't durable enough (she goes after weakness apparently! Anything not reinforced seems to attract chewing). 

Has anyone found a similar toy that would work as replacement?I know it sounds like a silly question but she really liked this toy and it was great for indoor play since it was soft. It was made so well she couldn't rip it open.


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These are not the same as your toy, and are not cheap, but they seem to be a pretty good quality, and partially support various good causes in Australia, such as helping native wildlife and vet care for desert dogs in aboriginal communities.  Also they support genuine Aboriginal artists.  There are multiple retailers in America.


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