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Question about colour! Newborn puppies!


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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone knows the colour of this pup! Born just this morning. Seems to be something like black roaned or something? Mum is black and white and dad is blue Merle. 

Litter was: 

blue merle F

black and white F

black and white F

weird brown roany F

black and white M

weird brown roan M

Thanks for any input! Would love if someone has photos of a dog with an adult or older coat that was this colour as a pup?




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7 hours ago, GentleLake said:

Maybe seal?

If you care about the integrity of the breed you may want to be careful where these pups end up. The unusual colors are often snapped up by breeders focusing on candy colors who have no concern whatsoever in preserving the breed as working dogs.

Thanks for your answer GentleLake. I was able to do some research and I do indeed think it's seal. I was totally surprised by it too. The dam comes from working lines in Mexico of Aus/NZ import and her whole family has been black and white as far as I know. 

And I absolutely agree.The pups have already been spoken for before they were born, before colour was known.:)


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I also notice in the photo that the merle is also mostly white. Be prepared for a lot of people questioning whether it's a double merle and whether it'll have vision and/or hearing impairment. Between that one and the white headed one, the entire litter's at risk for pigment related hearing issues. Could warrant BAER testing of the litter.

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