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Color genetics translation - Anyone?

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My dogs just got DNA tested and in the test was color testing - And since i breed working dogs and really only know the very basic color genetics that can cause health problems, i have no idea how to translate this. :D

So.. Any color experts here who can translate?
I know what colors it looks like my dog has, but what should she look like based on these results?

K locus: 

KB/ky || KB/kbr || kbr/ky|| kbr/kbr

Colour Locus A - Agouti:


Saddle tan: 


Locus E: 



No merle, dillute, brown or otherwise interessesting colors.


So... What colors should she have, based on these results?

And what to expect when mated to a tricolor mottled male (her mother is mottled too and she has very little ticking on her legs herself)? :D

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