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My good boy Mac is almost six months! He’s still such a good boy. He’s done teething finally and he’s sitting at 36lbs. His ears have still not decided what they’re gonna do.


We do between 3-5 miles a day of just walking, we got him a gentle leader for pulling and it’s been great! He only needs it about half the time (it gets put on when he pulls, otherwise it’s harness). Then we do hiking or dog parks 3-5 times a week. He has 100% changed my activity levels which is a positive for me personally. 

However, even with that consistent exercise a third floor one bedroom apartment has been less than perfect for us. He occasionally gets zoomies inside and out neighbor below us gets mad every time with out fail (not that I blame them at all!!) He isn’t destructive or anything fortunately but it bums me out when we go for walks and all he wants is to roll in the grass! Plus it makes me wary to do indoor play like tug, for fear of disturbing the neighbors.

Fortunately we are moving to a 3 bedroom house with a yard in 22 days!! I would call our apartment experiment a failure personally, but it might just be because we’re on the third floor! I certainly wouldn’t bring a BC puppy up like that again.

However, I did see a lot of people mentioning that bringing up BCs in the city can go poorly and I haven’t experienced that at all! If anything Mac has been exposed to so much at this point he’s barely perturbed by anything but children (and we’re working on that!! Parents don’t let your small children grab random dogs!! :( )We’ve also taken like five very long car trips and he’s been such a champ!!

It would be insincere to say we don’t still have lots to work on! However it feels like he’s on the path to be a really well adjusted boy! Also his smarts still amaze me. Even when he’s using them to cause chaos! (Like opening doors)

Thanks again for everyone’s amazing dog info on the boards. It’s been a fantastic resource for me while making my way through the puppy process!




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