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I am kinda new to this group but I have been seeing a bunch of post with the growth of puppies into adult pups. I wanted to add my baby girl to the feed since I am really enjoying these types of posts. I want to introduce my girl Anzley. She will be 5 months tomorrow. Here are some pics of her from when I first got her till now.

Anzley 9 weeks 2.jpg

Anzley 5.jpg


Anzley 10 weeks 9.jpg

Anzley 11 weeks 2.jpg

Anzley 12 weeks 3.jpg

anzley 14 weeks 8.jpg

Anzley 17 weeks 3.jpg



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She is so gorgeous! Still love the poking the tongue out picture - so full of sass and character!

I remember when my pups were young and flexible enough to twist 180 while lying down - front legs one way, hind legs another.  That does change over time, but at least you have photographic proof it happened!

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Love the blue eyes. It is always interesting to see how pigmentation grows on a border collie's nose. In her first photos there is a lot of unpigmented skin o her nose, but now she has only one spot. She's a cutie, all right.

I am also interested to hear what she does for you as a service dog. What kinds of tasks does she perform for you?

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