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I am looking at border collie puppies from a working farm.  The father is black and white and the mother is red and white.  Two of the puppies have predominately white bodies - one with black markings on the head and some ticking.  The other is predominately white with some black on the head and some black patches on the black.  Does this mean these dogs carry what is called the white factor?  Does it mean they could possibly be deaf and or blind?  I'm very confused about what I read about white.  Any information will be helpful.  thank you!

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Another question:  looking at pictures of the litter from the same parents (black and white sire x red and white dam).  One puppy in the picture appears to be a red and white -- but with a black patch on his face around the eye.  Is that possible (or is the camera playing tricks on me)?  In two pics, the patch appears darker than the red on the rest of the puppy, and looks to be black.  And there are no tan eyebrows like with a tri. 

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