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4 days ago, we had a female border collie show up. She is beautiful. She seems to be a stray but also had a family at one point. She is very polite and respectful... But we also think she may have been taught by them beating her. I took her to the vet 2 days ago. She is very healthy. No worms, healthy weight. They did an ultrasound to check for babies because her stomach is really tight... Ultrasound showed no babies. But it wont detect unless she is 30 days or more. So there is still a possibility. All i know right now about her is that She doesnt do well in car rides...but begs to go anyways. She will jump out the window when you stop..even at a stop sign. She will only eat dry dog food if its mixed with wet food. She is full of ticks but wont let me bathe her or take the ticks off. She didnt bite the vet when they were poking her, so she isnt mean at all. She likes to chase my goats and the cows next door. She doesnt seem mean towards other dogs.. Yet. (She met the German Shepard next door) we havent introduced her to out 2 little dogs or our cat yet. Shes very lazy. Will sleep on the porch all day. She is potty trained. She will pee in the yard..but will poop way down the hill by the road. (I have no clue why) If she gets mad, she will go to the end of the driveway and lay down.. (Attitude) She wants to be an inside dog (Cant until she is tick free and we know she gets along with the other dogs) and she doesnt seem to know the basic commands. She also doesnt like bones or dog toys...or fetch. My question is..what signs will she show if she is expecting babies? And how do I get her more active? She loves to run with the goats but I cant get her to play at all. Whats a toy that she will not be able to turn down? Im not a big dog person but this lady has stolen my heart and I want to make her as happy as possible. 

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Sometimes dogs have false pregnancies and will give the outward signs of being pregnant, so I would just wait a month or so then take her back to the vet if you aren't certain.  I do think her activity and playfulness will come around as she becomes more familiar and comfortable with her surroundings.  She has had a lot of changes, especially if her prior owners dumped her.  I am sure she is feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, so just give her plenty of love, and time.  Good luck!

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