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Aggressive to other dogs

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Hi all

I have a 10 year old BC, who is generally very nervous and sheepish. She is very gentle with humans and never displayed any signs of aggression.

However, when out on walks occasionally she would go for another dog if it harassed her and she didn't want to play. She would raise her hackles and if it still pestered she would have a go. Never did any damage, seemed to be to scare the other dog off and most dog owners understood.

In the last year, we've had a baby, and now she has become super aggressive to most dogs if they come close. It feels like she's too old to do any serious training, so I really don't know what to do other than get a muzzle. She's still brilliant with humans, and dogs she knows (which she just ignores). 

Any advice would be gratefully received, at wits end.



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Congratulations on the baby!!  A dog who is nervous and sheepish would be the first kind of dog to snap at another dog. I believe you are correct about being protective over the baby, I also believe that the older our dogs get the more aches and pains they themselves have and it might be that your dog is telling them that they are in pain and do not feel like playing or whatever happens to be on the other dogs mind, It stands to reason that if your dog is being harassed by another dog, your dog will defend itself, a lawsuit could be in your future if you can't get that under control people are suing happy these days, I could be wrong but you know what they say..." an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."   FYI our BC's are never too old to learn new things, be it straight out of the womb or on death's door, (somewhat exaggerated lol).   I would hate to see you have to muzzle your precious pooch, I've had mine muzzled at the Vets office because she isn't fond of the needle that is rammed into her hind end, I have to tell you that I hated every second of it.  Here is the advice part......I am not a vet but I think she is maybe in a bit of pain and just doesn't want to play, be sniffed, or any other form of doggie stuff,  maybe have her seen.  Good luck with your dog and let me know.  There are a lot more people on the board more qualified than myself to answer your question.  I've had my BC for 3 years and she was (is) my first, still learning a great deal myself.

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