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53BD03B0-1043-4472-A241-A308D8B76CB5.thumb.jpeg.579d8dc5f8409ad12a3302325ec0c375.jpeg18B01D0E-6D56-4C49-AAC4-A5BC373983A8.thumb.jpeg.9b747bb96631a799cb72b48875c330e1.jpegD999DED5-FC0A-4B4C-935F-3ACA29B4E38A.thumb.jpeg.693bf3e5f8d705b1555bde6c81bef634.jpeg C6E70D8C-81B0-4A03-998A-238E7C68B458.thumb.jpeg.494418a3d800b67cc6b814245bd0fbc3.jpegD25BAD64-14EF-4B79-BE20-BC79824ECFCB.thumb.jpeg.ec3103e4cf68ded083ef75136613cefd.jpeg69152137-930E-40FB-B0D7-42609FB1FC57.thumb.jpeg.97c7458f949af023f24c107200307a42.jpegHey guys! New to BC forums but figured I’d post my now 13 week old border collie mix pup! Meet Sam/Sammy. She’s such a sweet heart, super calm and obedient, already hanging off leash in our yard! We’re honestly pretty shocked at how great she’s been at so young. Any ideas of what she may be mixed with? We hear a lot of people saying boxer, which I can see! Her mother is pure bred BC. Thanks guys!

- Drew







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Boxer is a possibility, but I am not convinced.  Maybe some sort of a hound?  I do not know what breeds are common around your parts, so anything would be the wildest guess on my part!

Whatever, she is 100% cute!

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Hi! She's beautiful!

I'm also leaning towards a boxer mix because of that cute little snout. I thought she could also be part pointer...but then her nose would be longer. Either way, she's beautiful. Enjoy her!

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