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My current border collie books, any recommendations?

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I don’t have many bc books but here is my current lot of bc books if anyone has any other recommendations of bc books I’d be glad to hear them as I want to buy more!


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Sorry to say but I wouldn't consider any of these books to be of much substance. Some of these are books that pretty much have a little bit of the specific breed's history slapped onto a generic template that applies to just about any kind of dog.

One of my all time favorites is A Way of Life by H. Glynn Jones. It's geared toward people with working sheepdogs but it'll give you a greater understanding of the breed than those you show.

I'm sure others will have some more current suggestions, but IMO Jones' book is a classic.


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I would agree with GL that those books don't have much or any substance to tell you anything about border collies. My favorite books are not specifically about border collies, but are excellent for reading if you have any dog. They are: Bones Would Rain From The Sky by Suzanne Clothier as well as her other publications and pamphlets, The Other End Of The Leash  by Patricia McConnell, A Pack Of Two by Caroline Knapp, and Karen Pryor's writings on clicker training. AVOID reading anything by Jon Katz who is an idiot and writes with great pride about how he so badly mishandled his border collies that he ended up killing one of them.

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