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6 hours ago, jami74 said:

That's such a helpful thing to read, thank-you. Sometimes it seems that the experienced owners here would never have the sort of problems and behaviour that newbies are go through with their puppies.

Oh, we have the same stuff - the puppies aren't experienced :P - we just get a little more confident that it will pass.  

My youngest as a puppy was a hellion.  No off switch and thanks to ACD in the mix bit like a rabid shark.

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On 5/2/2019 at 8:08 PM, Mark Billadeau said:

In the past I have had a few people come out for herding lessons.  They will tell me their dog is very fit; able to play fetch for hrs.  In no more than 5 min in with the sheep their dog is exhausted.  Their dog was not mentally fit enough to handle 5min of intense focus and intense mental stimulation.

It is the mental stimulation needs of border collies that many people do not fully expect when they get their first one.  All they have ever been told is how much exercise (physical) these dogs need.


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