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Hello fellow BC Forum readers! 

Update on Quinn, my now 10mo BC mix. Knock on wood, he is doing so well. There is no doubt that we both are constantly learning, me about him and him about me. We recently went on vacation for a week and he did BRILLIANTLY except for one instance of... well... there’s no easy way to say it. He peed on my Mom. Appropriate scolding and action ensued and we had s good rest of the week :) 

We are now well into our Agility 1 and Obedience 1 classes and he’s doing well. Our “stay” is coming along and our “heel” has also improved quite a bit. He’s still a jumpy boy, but that’s also improving.  In agility class, he does well and enjoys himself, but gets distracted easily. He receives high praise from our instructors. I’m positive I need to work on my handling. I know some of it’s me for sure. 

We still struggle to find treats that he’s super motivated for. So I’m trying the ball, because, why not. Mixed results so far. He loves fetch and with the chuck-it, we spend a good amount of time playing if we are by ourselves at our complex’s park. 

On vacation, we also had quite the time swimming! Quinn LOVES the water and I love seeing him so happy. He got a life jacket. I know he might not need it but it makes me feel better. Helicopter parent, I know. 

All this to say, here are some photos of my Quinn boy now. The YorkiePoo is Maebelle, my parents’ dog. She’s 10, and doesn’t put up with Q’s guff.99DB3E6B-1C2A-4ED2-927E-E655F1272923.thumb.jpeg.f95a3ba3c5cb51048d7588d5c76db7ea.jpegE0CC39DE-994C-4991-BF09-41C80B753449.thumb.jpeg.d5d2e3eeb3240492cd05d1b3a56d94cb.jpeg3C52B0EC-68E3-49CA-9CE8-F0D2B8A372B9.thumb.jpeg.a8ea0567f597f308387801dd47b61c6f.jpeg098AC72D-6D26-46FE-A898-EB9CB028235F.thumb.jpeg.e3290dc9416dec8f09501e5f9d71c43d.jpegEE29036E-C7F6-4A85-A9BD-ED2F879CD6D0.thumb.jpeg.c40c96041b3904e0b537b483d1b7507c.jpeg26D18364-4811-4741-81D9-F6A006269AA7.thumb.jpeg.3da8a9ff8cc79248619409bd14b388bc.jpeg :) 


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Congratulations, it seems like you are both doing so well, and he is truly gorgeous.

Hang in there with the agility classes - you are probably still doing the basics and he is still a big puppy at 10 months old, so no wonder he is getting distracted.  You both have lots to learn and lots of time to do it. 

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Thank you @Lawgirl :) We are! And hope to continue on that path. We had our agility class today and he did very well actually. I’m also learning (though it’s rather a “duh” thing) that the way I come into things plays a HUGE role in the way he responds. For example, today I was calm, collected, and we had a great time and he was very responsive. Two weeks ago, I was in a frenzied state upon arrival and he responded accordingly and we didn’t even finish the last jump in class that day. 


And of course, this translates to everyday life. So that’s useful should well. All in all, doing well. After his agility class today we went and swam for an hour or so (after about a 30 min hike up and down some massive hills). Needless to say, he’s exhausted, and so am I. A good day. :) Here’s a short video of today’s frolic with his best friend, Clementine. 

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