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5 month old BC behaviour issues

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I have a 5, almost 6 month old border collie female named Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I got her when she was 9 weeks old. Recently she's started having some behaviour issues such as, refusing to go on walks unless both my boyfriend and I go. Also, unless both my boyfriend and I are home she tends to not want to do anything but sleep but as soon as he/I gets home, she'll be back to her normal playful self. Today we figured out that it's not just walks that she will not go on unless it's us both, it's pretty much anything. I tried to take her to our local disc golf course which she loves; I threw the disc and she went after it once and then tried running back to the car. I've tried coaxing her with treats but that doesn't work at all. One behavior issue that she's had the whole time we've had her is when she's around my boyfriend's parents dog (an Aussiedoodle named Harmony) she will basically just harass her even when growled at. When they play outside together, we try play fetch with both Brooklyn and Harmony and Brooklyn will completely forget about the ball( which is odd because fetch is her favorite game and would play all day if we let her) and only try to chase Harmony and bite her ankles. At first I thought it may be her herding instincts but it seems a little aggressive and obsessive now. I'm truly at a loss with these issues especially with her refusing to do things unless both my boyfriend and I are there because it's making her miss out on a lot of exercise. She really is a great dog besides these things, open to suggestions and questions for more context on her personality. And then some pictures just for fun!




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