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Over-friendly collie

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10 minutes ago, Flora & Molly said:

Refusal to take responsibility? The OP said they are working with the long line now. That is taking responsibility. 

Just be thankful your over-friendly BCs aren't also over-reactive. If they were, you'd understand.

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This article hits home for me and my "Tsunami Sammy"  :D


My dog has to be on lead if there is a chance that other dogs in the area and whilst it is annoying for you to have to put yours on lead for a minute or two, try to imagine what our walks are like – we have to plan with military precision, to avoid certain times when we know particular dogs will be out, many places are total no go areas, we frequently have to give up and go home as there are loose dogs in all of our quiet places, our walks are certainly not relaxing.


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5 hours ago, Flora & Molly said:

Right, like everyone who is acknowledging that the OP's viewpoint differs. 

There is no way I am going to acknowledge 'My dog runs up to your dog and is friendly and that means that kicking at it is wrong and bad and you are threatening my dog'.  If their dog is on a line and not allowed to approach, there's no risk of it getting hurt.  If it isn't, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT IS FRIENDLY, I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.    

There was nothing to get defensive ABOUT if their dog was staying on a line and I acknowledged as much, but "BUT FRIENDLY!" does not change a damned thing.

And does not make acting like I'm going to go over to where their dog is and kick the crap out of it for fun and games any more reasonable as a response. 

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I don't know why you are trying to pick an argument over this, Flora and Molly. There's no point. The OP has left in a huff. This topic has burned out and there's no point in any of us continuing to go on about it.  Your attempts to argue are simply provocative and are certainly not the least bit productive. I suggest we quit this thread entirely. 

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I am a bit late to the conversation, but I also have a dog that loves to bring balls to strangers at the park.  I resolved the recall by teaching a retrieve.  I would have a toy myself and have him retrieve that to me.  I also made sure to teach a solid recall at the park by having my dog come to me just for a petting and release.  We do many practice recalls before the actual last one.  Most of the people he brings the ball to think he is adorable.  

There was one lady who wore a mid length white skirt to the dog park.  I will never understand what she was thinking.  She sat down on a park bench and my very friendly dog not only brought her a ball, it was a filthy dirty ball.  Since she was sitting, he helpfully dropped it on her lap.    

Quin is 10 now.  I do not think he will out grow this.  


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