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We have a delightful 4 month old bc. She has a lovely affectionate personality and lots of positives. We collected her when she was 8 weeks and after the first two days has slept through the night. Apart from a vey few mishaps she’s always gone outside to relieve herself and unless it’s raining she’ll stand by the door and bark to let me know it’s time. My problem is walks. She seems to be terrified of traffic noise, and other loud sounds, and it took a lot of patience with me standing at the open front door repeatedly with her on her leash allowing her to go back inside when she wanted to. She will now leave the door, but if a car passes when we walk, she trembles, cries and frantically tries to run back home. I don’t make a fuss, but just stand still as the car passes and then carry on walking steadily while she tries to pull my arm out of its socket. I’ve tried carrying her to the car and stopping at quieter areas, but she now shrinks back on the seat and growls if I try to lift her out. It’s such a pity as she’s full of energy and will play fetch happily in the house and our small garden. I’m sure I’vebeen doing something wrong and would really appreciate any advice to put me on the right track. 

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