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The name might change but that’s what I’ve been calling him lately. 

I was home sick last Friday and clicked on the “pet” section of Craigslist. I should know better by now. A lady was going through a crisis needed to get rid of him. He was covered in filth, fleas, and ticks when I first laid eyes on him. 

I honestly thought I would get him cleaned up and healthy and then find him a good BC home, but he’s growing on me each day.

My BC girl is almost 12 so I had forgotten how much personality these puppies have. We are currently working on vehicle ettiquette because he wants to ride on my shoulders.  











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This goober is about 18 weeks now and 32 lbs. I’m still not sure he’s 100% BC. I guess he could be but who knows?

Really only issue I have so far is that he doesn’t like to retrieve. He will chase a ball and pick it up but then he loses interest. Fetch is usually my go to exercise for wearing out a dog. I’m hoping this will change but if not, he can just be my hiking buddy. 







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Wow, he is really growing up and hitting the leggy adolescent stage!

He may or may not be full BC, but I am sure it is in there.  He is still cute, and I am sure you love him to pieces.

I can't help with the fetch issue, but I believe some others on this forum have had this issue.  Can you try a search through the general forum?  I seem to remember a thread about that exact question with lots of advice.

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I’m not too worried yet. He has toy drive and with chase. But he prefers to run off With it afterwards. It could very easily change. 


If that’s the only gripe I have, we are in good shape. He loves all people and dogs. He’s not destructive yet. He’s good in his crate. He is great on leash. And he listens pretty good for a pup. In the second to last pic he was watching horses for the first time and wasn’t barking or wanting to chase. 

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Gorgeous pup!! I have a 5 month old Pure bred BC and she is about 23 lbs, but has always been a little on the small side. Love the pictures and the updates. So glad you are enjoying your pup. They are a lot of work and full of energy but I can see the love and bond you two have. Thank you for sharing your story.

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