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I am so sorry to hear of all your family's health difficulties and that it means you are not able to give your dog the time and attention he needs. Thank you for putting his needs first and wanting to find him a more suitable situation. 

You might want to consider contacting Glen Highland Farm and New England Border Collie Rescue (the second since you are in eastern NYS), both of which are reputable border collie rescues that strive to find well-suited homes for the dogs in their care and work within your area. 

Very best wishes for finding a good home for him. 

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I did notice in another post that Glen Highland Farm might not be able to accept dogs to the degree that it once did and may be concentrating on seniors. If that is the case, try NEBCR. 

The forum is always a possibility but I would never discount a reputable rescue - they do a wonderful job because, unlike trying to find someone here or through another venue, a reputable rescue will foster a dog, thereby learning about its level of training, its activity level, its likes and dislikes, and its suitability for different situations, among other things. And then that rescue will do its best to find the home for that dog that will be most suitable, and will be ready to take the dog back should things not work out. 

There are other good rescues that I know of but I am not aware of others that work in the NYS area but it is possible that one of them, as long as they are able to arrange transport, might be able to work with you. If you don't get viable alternatives here, let me know and I will check with my contacts to see if there might be a place for him elsewhere. 

Meanwhile, once again, very best wishes! 

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Try contacting Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue. You can find them on the internet at this page http://www.mabcr.org/ and at the bottom, there is a "contact us" form you can fill out. I have done some transport for them, my daughter has pulled dogs from shelters for them, and I highly recommend them. They said I could refer you to them and they could speak with you about your dog and his needs. 

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You certainly need to make the right decision for you and for your dog. What I will say is that if you feel it is in your dog's best interest to be rehomed, a good rescue like MACBR is the best way (I feel) to do it. Family must come first and if you can't manage the many things on your plate right now, no one should judge you (including yourself) for placing your dog in a suitable, loving home. And, if you can give him what he needs, there's nothing wrong with keeping him. 

I have been in contact with Sarah at MACBR and she is willing to work with you if you feel you need to give him a different opportunity for a good life, so feel free to contact here via the MACBR page. I trust Sarah to do a good job in providing him with a foster home and then a forever home. 

Very best wishes in your decision-making. Prayer is important - remember to study out the options in your mind; figure out what you feel is best for *him*; and then go to the Lord in prayer to see if he agrees. You do the homework and let Him give the affirmation. 

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